Data Privacy

The Silay City Government recognize their responsibilities under the Republic Act No. 10173 (Act), also known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012, with respect to the data they collect, record, organize, update, use, consolidate or destruct from the Citizen/Establishment. The personal data obtained from this portal is entered and stored within the Silay City Government's authorized information and communications system and will only be accessed by the Silay City Government's authorized personnel. The Silay City Government have instituted appropriate organizational, technical and physical security measures to ensure the protection of the Citizen/Establishment personal data.

The Silay City Government established this Data Privacy Policy to show that we recognize and value your privacy rights.

The Silay City Government shall not disclose the Citizen/Establishment's personal information without their consent and shall retain this information for the effective implementation and management of Silay City COVID Task Force.

“Personal Information” is information that identifies you as an individual which could also be considered “sensitive personal information”, such as but not limited to the following:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact Details
  • ID
  • Business Permit

The ID/Business Permit submitted is used solely to verify and validate the authenticity of the information submitted by the Citizen/Establishment. After validation, the submitted ID/Business Permit will be destroyed/deleted from the database.

The Silay City Government use your personal information for the following purposes:

  • Track the history of Establishments you visited.
  • Update your COVID Test record.

Documents and information submitted are stored in a secure data center of the Silay City Government. We have established appropriate physical, technical, and organizational security measures to protect the Personal Information provided to us. We use several security techniques including secure servers, firewalls, and encryption in safeguarding the storage of data. Personal Information is encrypted as it travels over the internet because we use a Security Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. These safeguards are regularly reviewed to protect against unauthorized access, disclosure and improper use of your information, and to maintain the accuracy and integrity of the data. We will adapt and implement the necessary changes for security measures to ensure the continuous security of your Personal Information.

The following acts shall be sanctioned through the imposition of corresponding penalties:

  1. In case of failure of any government office or private establishment/public utility vehicle operator to register in the SCCTRACKER within 15 days from the effectivity of this Ordinance, scan all SCCTRACKER ID Cards of clients/visitors and/or maintain a manual logbook, they shall be sanctioned as follows:
  2. 1st Offense P1,000.00
    2nd Offense P2,500.00
    3rd Offense P5,000.00 fine or imprisonment of not more than six (6) months or both at the discretion of the court.

    Further, the Franchise, Business or Mayor’s Permits of the establishments, office, or public utility vehicle concerned shall be immediately suspended and such suspension shall only be lifted after payment of the corresponding fines/penalties. In case when the Franchise, Business or Mayor’s Permit of the establishment, office, or public utility vehicle concerned falls outside the jurisdiction of the City of Silay, the recommendation for the suspension of the same shall be forwarded to the appropriate agency or governing body.

  3. Any person who willfully uses the SCCTRACKER ID Card of another shall be sanctioned as follows:
  4. 1st Offense P1,000.00
    2nd Offense P2,500.00
    3rd and Succedding Offenses P5,000.00 fine or imprisonment of not more than six (6) months or both at the discretion of the court.

    In case of insolvency of the offenders herein, the person concerned shall be penalized with eight (8) hours of community service for every violation to be supervised by the Silay City PNP in coordination with barangay where the said offender resides as the case may be.

Those who are found violating the provisions of national laws in relation to the implementation of the contract tracing system, such as but not limited to, the Data Privacy Act (R.A. No. 10173) and the Mandatory Reporting of Notifiable Disease and Health Events of Public Health Concern Act. (R.A No. 11332) shall be prosecuted and penalized in accordance with the provisions of the said law.

If the prohibited acts mentioned above are committed by a juridical entity, the liability shall rest upon its managers or any officer directly involved in the operation.

Violation of this Ordinance shall be without prejudice to any acts committed which are punishable under the Revised Penal Code and other pertinent laws, rules and regulations.

In the Silay City Government's discretion, we may amend, interpret, modify or withdraw any portion of this Data Privacy Policy at any time by posting updated contents on the relevant Site, and your continued use of our Sites and services constitutes your consent to those changes.

I have read the Silay City Government's Data Privacy Statement and express my consent for the Silay City Government to collect, record, organize, update or modify, retrieve, consult, use, consolidate, block, erase or destruct my personal data as part of my information.

I hereby affirm my right to be informed, object to processing, access and rectify, suspend or withdraw my personal data, and be indemnified in case of damages pursuant to the provisions of the Republic Act No. 10173 of the Philippines, Data Privacy Act of 2012 and its corresponding Implementing Rules and Regulations.